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Hello, my name is Casey Madden and I have been passionate about being an artist ever since I could appreciate Art in our world.

As a child, I struggled with drawing. I needed my mom to draw pictures for me and I would color and trace them. As I grew, I learned to draw by myself. After numerous amounts of failures I finally learned that I needed to be patient. I continued to practice drawing pictures every day. Any chance I had, at school, during recess, anytime I could steal a few precious minutes, I would lose myself in drawing. During art class in elementary school, I would love to help my fellow classmates on whatever lesson we were doing.

Even though I have been drawing for my entire life, I learned new styles of Art; painting, sculpting, charcoal, colored pencils, etc. It was about two years after I graduated high school, I finally figured out what field of study I wanted to pursue. I chose 3D Arts. I began by attending ITT Technical Institute and received my Associates Degree in Multimedia, but I felt like I wasn't finished with school. I wanted something more. I then decided to go to Ferris State University in downtown Grand Rapids, MI for the Digital Animation and Game Design program to pursue my dream of working in the 3D film industry. The road in the program turned out to be tougher than I thought, but I persevered as I advanced further into it. My advisor/mentor suggested that I transfer to the Integrative Studies program which was another direction for me to take and it turned out this was precisely what I needed.

I have learned so much from every class and direction I have taken on this journey. Art is my passion and I hope to continue to follow my dream.

Thank you for visiting my website, if you wish to learn more about me or hire me feel free to look at my contacts tab.


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I have always enjoyed creating artwork for myself and for other people's enjoyment.  I have learned a long time ago that I have a thrill for helping other people who cannot draw very well and being hired by someone who wanted a portrait of either him/herself or someone he/she knew.  Nowadays, I enjoy making artwork for society and learning even more as I continue along with it.  On this page, you'll find a list of social networks that I am on including my Gmail in case if there are any employers that wish to speak to me about employment. 

Phone: (616) 460 - 2689

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